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Leidenschaft / passion Idealismus / idealism Freude / fun Ehrlichkeit / honesty


Spaß an der Arbeit / pleasure at work Tatendrang / drive You Liebe zu Marken / love of brands Ergebnisorientiert / result oriented


Kubeile Life & Style PR What makes me different from other agencies? Be assured that you will always be taken care of by a pro – that is to say by me.

Why do I explicitly mention that? Because my experience showed, that very often charismatic people secure a deal with a client, whereas in the daily business the client is being taken care of by trainees or job beginners.

Why will I be able to succeed with a different approach? I focus on a maximum of four clients only. This way I can guarantee that every client gets the best professional service since I can personally work for every client myself.

Why is this important to me? Because I love my job and do it with passion. I am also convinced that today good quality is more important than ever and it pays off.

Kubeile Life & Style PR